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What is a One Page website?

A One page website is a single page in which sections of content (which could normally be put on separate pages), is contained on one page instead. This gives the  visitor the ability to scroll to each section or quickly jump to a specific section via the navigation links in top bar that are always visible. It essentially removes as much “clutter” as possible, focusing the visitor’s attention to the most important content.

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One Page website not for you?

If you don’t like the idea of having website content all on one page, or you wish to have more content per page, you can chose from our other packages starting with up to 3 pages (you can be increased to as many pages as you need, in your own time 24/7).

1 Page Word Press Websites

The Cost

  • from £299 – One single payment (Hosting fees will apply after the first year) 

Spread The Cost

  • Deposit (includes 1st Month) + 11 *Monthly Repayments there after.
    *Credit fee applied


  • Database
  • 2 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 500mb Data Space
  • Up to 5 Personal Email Addresses with your domain extension. (IMAP or POP Accounts)


  • A fresh Word Press installation
  • Latest version
  • Configured for your domain
  • Admin and own email details set up and configured
  • Plugins – such as Instagram installed and configured


  • Background – Plain colour or Parallax Image
  • Font – Existing or choice of two different
  • Social Media – Direct Links to your pages
  • Navigation – Anchor type to section
  • Simple Text Logo
  • Header – Static, Slider or Ken Burns Effect


  • Gallery|Pricing|Marketing|Testimonial Section (choice of one)
  • About Section
  • Blog Section
  • Contact Section
  • Instagram|Maps Section (choice of one)
  • Footer Bar


  • Akismet (Admin) – Spam Protection
  • Instagram – Customisable Gallery or
  • Maps – Google Map Integration or
  • Mail Chimp – Newsletter Subscription

Other Useful Plugins Recommended:

  • SEO – Yoast SEO
  • Security – All in One Security
  • Backup – Backup WordPress
  • eCommerce – Woocommerce (Theme ready)
  • TinyMCE Advanced – Advanced Text Editor
  • Social Media Sharer – Simple Share Buttons Adder

Questions You May Have

Below are some questions you might have, and answers to help you get a better understanding. If there is a question you would like answered and it isn’t below then please do contact me.

Is a free domain name included?

No, and the reasons:

  • Often web design companies include a free domain to make you feel you are getting a great deal, in reality it’s to charge extremely high yearly fees after the first year with hosting and domain costs.
  • You might already own a domain, it’s a simple DNS transfer which Quirky By Design can do it for *free, (takes up to 48 hours max.)

* After that time there is likely a Domain transfer problem, which happen on rare occasions, Often it’s due to paperwork and authentications of some kind that are needed from client. An hourly rate will be applied to arrange and finalise transfer in this case.

  • Free domains even though you own it can be often be placed under the web designers/company account, and when you wish to move to another hosting, requires additional procedures to transfer

I like to keep it simple

How do I obtain a Domain and what cost should I expect to pay each year?

Quirky By Design can often obtain your chosen domain at a very reduced price for the first year and reasonable yearly renewal fees there after. For ex (but subject to change):

.CO.UK 99p + 20% VAT first year £6.99 + 20% VAT per year there after.

.CO.UK are always paid 2 years in advance at time of purchase.
.COM Yearly.

This is with a trusted Domain company with easy administration panel that you can access at any time to manage your domain/s. You have control over your domain nobody else.

Can I update the Website my self?

Yes, you can!

Once completed and has gone live, you can add and change what you like. There is only one exception the footer Quirky By Design copyright unless yearly removal fee is purchased.

What if I make a mess of it?

Quirky By Design will have a copy of your original and it can be reinstalled, you will have one re-installation free of charge. More than once and it will be charged at an hourly rate. You can purchase additionally a maintenance package which will save on costs.

What if I want to make changes and I just can't figure it out, is there documentation?

Quirky By Design will provide basic instructions on the layout content created. However, as the main theme is Divi, there will be a link to the set up manual for different layout sections that often have video and written instructions. This will be provided upon completion. There are also many videos on You Tube that can help you make modifications to your layout.

If you are still unable to make those changes, Quirky By Design can make them for you, charged at an hourly rate.

What if I want another theme later on?

You can change themes at any time.

If you need someone to do it, you can hire Quirky By Design, or someone else. You will have WordPress and hosting for as long as you want it.

What if I want to move to another hosting company?

Not a problem!

If you decide that you wish to change hosting during or at the year end, a full months notice is required. You will have to make all the arrangements for backing up and transferring your website to the new hosting. Often the new hosting company will help you do this, if you don’t know how.

What if I don't want the website any more?

If you wish to shut down your website and hosting, a full months notice is required, and a termination agreement must be completed, making sure all is finalised.

Please note: There are no refunds if you do this within a hosting year cycle.

If I move to new hosting, can I remove the footer copyright?


Regardless of whom you are with, the footer copyright must remain intact if the child theme is the one created by Quirky By Design. Even if you modify it, the basis is still Quirky By Design’s Design.

If you change theme totally then yes, that can be changed. If you wish to remove the copyright but keep theme, then you can purchase a yearly copyright removal or choose the one off price. 

Are there any Terms and Conditions?


As previously stated – the footer copyright must remain intact, unless a yearly fee or one off payment is applied for non display of Quirky By Design copyright.

There are two agreements a web design agreement before completion, and upon moving to new host or termination of website, a termination agreement both of which must be signed by both client and web designer. These are to safe guard both parties.

  • The web design agreement outlines the clients obligations in regards to non payment if paying monthly, conduct of his/her website on Quirky By Design hosting, such as material displayed, complaints, copyright infringements, spamming, if your site has been hacked, etc.
  • The termination agreement outlines that all business is concluded, all monies have been paid and that failure to comply with copyright terms after hosting move, or used in another design (if so similar) will be dealt with under the copyright infringement laws.