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My name is Loren, and I am a professional Web Designer with over 20 years of web designing experience with clients both UK based and Internationally.Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

In 2014, I moved my old web design and graphics service from iPyramidia.com, which I started way back in 1999. It was a niche service to the Mind Body Spirit community.

As I no longer just provided to niche groups, the new website reflected all areas including my other creative and artistic skills such as my artwork and artisan products.

Since 2019, when I started to exhibit my artwork, I found it increasingly difficult to promote myself as an Artist, when my site primarily portrayed me as a web designer. It happens! I decided then my best course of action was to separate these again, and now have a dedicated website Artist Loren which houses all my arty side. Please do take a look!

On this website you will find the professional services I offer, including an online shop where you can purchase services such as website packages, hosting, domains, photography services, tuition etc.

I tend not to follow the typical web designer protocol in layout, i.e., one that bombards you with what you can have, and should have – but don’t let that put you off! I do build professional and conventional websites, whether contemporary, business, personal or quirky! Whatever your needs are for your website, I will work with you to achieve that goal.

A lot has changed in the web designing world. Where once a client was reliant on a web designer to literally build and manage their websites. Clients now have the choice and the ability to take control from whatever point they wish.

As a freelance web designer I can create something a wee bit special. I also offer tuition based on your needs, giving you control, advice and support along the way, and most importantly without the hard sell. Moreover, I will always be honest guiding you to what is realistically possible for your budget.

So, my dear visitor, if you have arrived here by chance (or by synchronous links), thank you for visiting! I do hope you will enjoy your trip around my website. Do explore the links to my other websites to see what else I create. I would be grateful too, if you would click on those little ol’ social buttons – Sharing is wonderful and much appreciated as well as a comment here and there! Don’t be shy!

If you don’t happen to find what you are looking for, please do contact me.

In the meantime, please feel free to view my resume or view a more comprehensive details on LinkedIn.  

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