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In The Beginning

How it all starts

Graphic Examples

Web Design Examples

Generally those who set up their own business know that it’s important to have an online presence of some kind. If you don’t have the knowledge, time or inclination for designing and building your own website, then you will be missing out on potential clients. I have created a range of web building options that will suit most requirements.


The Design

Getting a website built is not only about the look, it’s about the functions you require too. Such as newsletters, displaying events, social media buttons, shopping carts. Its all part of the web site design. Then of course you have the layout of all of these, placement of graphics and the colour scheme.

What kind of website should you choose?

It can be very confusing when embarking on having your own website. Lots of options, lots of different coding platforms, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS to name but a few. Which one would be the best for your design? Well, I’ve made it simpler. I used to build HTML/CSS websites for my clients as most didn’t need updating regularly however, this creates a disadvantage to your website on the search engines. You want your site to be seen and visited! I recommend CMS (content management systems) websites primarily because I feel they are more advantageous in every way for the client. Technology today provides the clients individual needs, from social media incorporation to e-commerce facilities, and the ability to up date themselves.

Well I can get a website for free, why do I need to have my website designed?

You don’t need a web designer if you are keen to take on the project yourself and yes, there are online free web building services with certain companies that use in-house control management systems, but they can be limited, and also restrictive in how you want your website to look and operate. If you don’t mind out the box, then this might work for you. You still have to build it yourself and sometimes that offer of “free” turns to paying for that service yearly. Will it be unique to you? Well it’s like everything, if you go to a shop and buy off the rack, it’s likely someone else has that same item.

Isn’t WordPress or Joomla just the same?

Yes and no. With these types CMS platforms, they offer the ability to design a web site unique to you. For those who need more advanced designs and specifications, there is a world of information, tutorials and free plugins that will keep the costs of owning and running a website down after completion. Yes, I do suggest certain themes as a basis, and for the most part can be used as is with a few colour and layout changes etc. However, they can often be totally transformed into something unique in design for you. Plus, you don’t get a yearly fee, most of the plugins are free, updated regularly and you get the ability to control your website and updating of your own information. Basic instruction will be given after completion, for more complex applications, additional tuition is available if you want to get a better understanding of the system quickly. My packages are based on a set number of hours design work. I can create that unique look for your website, but it will be charged at an hourly fee on top of base price if it’s quite elaborate.

How do you design something that’s in my head!

Well, firstly, we would talk about it in depth; what you are trying to achieve firstly, what functions you would need and colours you would like. You need to be clear on what you want. I would also ask you to visit websites to find elements of layout/colour scheme that you like, and to give me the web addresses. I then transcribe all the information that you have given me, and provide you with demo version. If it’s totally off base of what was discussed, then I will have to gain more information before I proceed further. Usually, I am not and only a few minor tweaks are required before launch.

How to create your look!

Look at different websites of interest, such as similar themed in area. This will give you a start and better idea of what you want your site to look like.