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Need some one to look after your site?

If you want your website to get to a good position in the Searches such as Google, just building a website is not going to get you there alone.

Websites have to be updated regularly, you need to have a good traffic flow and often this is achieved when you add more content to your website.  The search engines see this as activity and worthy of a good placement.

If you don’t have the time to update your website regularly, then whether its created by me or by another party, you should consider website management.

What I can do for you is:

Website Management provides a service of updating information you provide; adding more content, making sure there are no broken links; update to tags and SEO meta data for easy recognition for the search engines. Basically what ever you require within an administrative role, right down to reminding you of renewals of domain and web hosting. Please note designing and adding plugins are not included.

I also provide a maintenance package to suit your needs, for x amount of hours per month on your website, on a yearly basis. See the pricing plan for more details.

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