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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Web site promotion is vital if you want to be found outside of giving everybody your web site address. Search Engines are the aim here and to be found when someone types in your web site name, variation of it, or even just key words found within your website, that will highlight your websites existence.

This is managed by inputting well thought and relevant, page titles, keywords and appropriate descriptions called meta tags. These used to be placed in the heading of your index page and some times subsequent pages. However, with CMS the structure can now be  added to each page.

Keywords, Descriptions & Titles are only half the battle!

You also have to make the content and section header tags appropriate to the content and website. Not only this, but to get your site on the search engines and noticed within a month or two, (otherwise it’s when or if the search engines will ever pick up your site) the search engines have to be submitted with your URL (your web address) and other details by hand. This is a painstaking processes at the best of times.

My service would be to apply the relevant keywords &  Meta information for each page on your site, submit your URL manually to all the major search engines such as Goggle, Lycos, DMoZ, AOL, National Directory etc. This will help your site to come up if someone knows the name. Sometimes it is necessary to do this more than once, just to get on, and there are no guarantees I can get you to the top of a page when a keyword relating to your site is typed in.

This is usually achieved over time on the search engines, by updating regularly, lots of back links as well – that’s who links to your site and visa versa, using social media as well, all of these increases your ranking. Moreover, increasing your position! This will certainly increase your web sites chances of being seen.

It’s not an easy task if you don’t know what you are doing, but progressive once all the methods have been implemented.

However, If you are in need of advertising your site to draw in customers quickly, and want a guaranteed place in the search engine pages, then the only way to go, is using another alternative which will cost. This is the search engines own advertising system such as Google Adwords.

I can along with SEO to your site, arrange this service to fully optimise your web sites presence.

If this is a service you require, whether a CMS or Static website and you do not have to have a website built with me. (All websites created by me will have a basic SEO) then please contact me  for more information.

*This service is charged at an hourly rate.


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