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Costs involved

Costs for website design largely depends upon how many pages you require, the layout and your websites individual requirements.

If more complexity is needed such as additional components like forms, logos, banners, shopping carts, events, networking, audio, newsletter, visitor submission etc – I could go on with the multitude of different functions and features you can have on your website, but each one will increase the cost if it falls outside the packages offered.

You need to be very sure of what you wish to achieve with your website. The more research you do on how you wish your site to look, and what images, text and functions you wish to use, the less time it will take to build. We can of course discuss all of that, so you get the most economical for you.


Below you will find the prices for Website design packages and additional services I provide.

Website Design

Website Design packages start from only £299 (one off payment) for a One Page website. Or spread the cost with a *Monthly Repayment Plan over a year.  Eleven months with a minimal outlay of a deposit and first month, total £328.90.
*Monthly Repayment: Credit fees applied

Each package is structured for various website needs. However, I can tailor, bespoke and create a website that you will love and be free to update yourself, when ever you want – or you could just leave it to me!

Quirky By Design One Page Website Price Starts from £299Quirky By Design Three Page WordPress Websites from £399

Standard on All Webdesign Packages

∗ Control Management System – WordPress easily manage your website, update text and images.

∗  One Year Hosting* – fast and reliable UK servers, with ample server space and monthly bandwidths.

∗  Web Design –  Basic structure and layout depending on theme chosen. Content added, colours and font adapted to fit your needs.

∗  Functions and Features – see Web Design Functions and Features below.

Web Design Package Functions and Features
  • Email – POP3 or iMap email addresses with your domain name.
  • Contact Form – have your visitors contact you via a secure, no show email address, contact form with captcha.
  • Add your logo to header – (simple text logo included).
  • Favicon – Bookmarking image based on logo.
  • Menu System – Creation of navigation menu top area
  • Blog – keep your visitors up to date with your stories and news.
  • Gallery or Projects page – Display your work/photos.
  • Social Media – embed social media widgets, share your content and improve the online visibility of your website.
  • Comments – allow your visitors to leave a message on your site.
  • Spam Protection – Filter out spammy comments
  • Search – allow your visitors to search your site easily.
  • SEO friendly – basic SEO tools to increase your online visibility.
  • Google Analytics  – gain info on your websites visitors and performance dashboard configured.
  • Responsive Design-  Major Browsers, *Android and Iphone mobiles/tablets.
  • Telephone Incident Support – x amount of telephonic queries, depending on which package.
  • Design Consultation – x amount of hours for discussing design and layout, depending on which requirements.
  • Email Support – if you have a problem or query.
  • Layout choice – choose different styles of page layout and/or sections.
  • Stock Images – x amount per package of Royalty Free Stock Images, depending on which package.
  • Unlimited Pages (self) – Ability to add as many pages as you like.

    * The design may vary on certain devices.

* Notes on Hosting!

* Hosting comes as part of the package, there is no reduction if you have hosting already.

After the initial term has ended, the yearly cost is as follows:
£60 per year on One/Three Page Presence/Starter Web Packages.
£100 per year on Premium Web Package.
£140 per year on Ultimate Web Package.


Logo Design and Graphic Work

Quirky By Desgin - Graphic Design


Additional Services Pricing

Web Design Consultation

Free 30 min phone consultation where I can gain more information on your proposed website design.  After 30 mins, you will be asked if you wish to continue further and a consultation fee per hour will apply and need to be paid in full prior to continuing. However, if commissioned, this will be deducted from final bill.

Up to 1 hour £100 deducted if commissioned

Advanced SEO for Static/CMS Websites

The web design packages comes with a basic SEO, making your website seen and “Search Engine Friendly”.  However, you may wish to increase your visibility. Moreover, you don’t have to have a CMS website or be an existing client to make use of this service!

from £80 per hour
Additional Custom and Bespoke Styling

Custom or Bespoke requests such as colour scheme changes, layout changes, creative creation etc.

Additional Installation/Configuration/Upgrades/Repair etc.

Additional installation and configuration of new or upgraded Modules/Components or Plugins.  Repair work, Software updates, monthly back up services, Modules/Components or Plugin updates, consultation, general help and support by telephone.

£50 per hour (min 2 hours)
£200 block of 5 hours
Product Input for eCommerce

Description, price, up to 10 attributes e.g. Size: 10,12,14,16,20 Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, White would total 10 attributes and upload of up to 2 images provided ready to upload.

from £10 per product (depends on eCommerce structure)
Additional Images

Images not provided in gif, png, jpg or psd format will incur a charge for editing/re orientation/size reduction/uploading.

£8.00 per image
Paid - Templates/Themes/Modules/Components/Images

Paid – Templates, Themes, Modules, Components, Images. Depending on which CMS you use, you may have to purchase one or more of these to achieve what you want on your website.

Individually Priced
Graphic Work/Creation

For example: if you need a splash screen image for the front page of your website. Or icons/navigational images to match your design, maybe even an advert a newspaper, leaflets, brochures, or an image link for other sites. What ever you need graphically. See here for examples.

Graphic Work £60 per hour (min 2 hours)

If you need a image for your website for example a photo of your premises, team, products, I can offer you my services.

Logo Copyright License for Other Media

Such as Business Cards, Letterheads, Complimentary Slips, Email/Forum/Networking Signatures.

£30 per year

Wordpress/ Joomla and Other Tuition

Tuition – WordPress/ Joomla, PC or other instruction, either in person or by email. (min 2 people)

£100 per person per hour

Domain Purchase / Transfer and Registration

Purchasing your domain on your behalf and existing domain transfers is free*.

Only the cost of the Domain registration initially, or per year is payable.

TLD Prices include VAT and are subject to change.  Often you can get a reduced cost for a year, with the company I use. I can purchase any domain level if you can’t obtain the TLD of your choice. Sometimes it’s better to vary the domain name. Happy to help you get the perfect domain name for you.

.co.uk £4.19 per year , .com £13.19 per year, .org £11.99

* If transfer of domain is needed to get a better rate or in some cases the ability to have your domain in your own name rather than your previous web designers (often happens), then all being well and it’s straight forward, then there will be no charge. However, please be aware if in the event that the transfer requires additional emails, administration on my part, calls etc. I will charge £60 per hour.

A full Web Designing Service

Web Design

Web Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Telephonic and Email Support

Telephonic & Email Support

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Interactive Web Features

Interactive Web Features





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