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What’s Your Website Resolution in 2017?

What’s Your Website Resolution in 2017?

New Year, New Website?


Do you need a new website designed or redesign in 2017

It’s a new year – time for a fresh new start. For many, that means it’s finally time to give that tired, old, difficult-to-update website a facelift. But where do you start and do you have the funds?

 Questions to Ask Yourself

  • The first step is to look at your site and see if it’s simply looking out dated. Is it filled with outdated information? Has it been updated at all in the past few years and does your copyright still say 200X?
  • If you had a website built for a particular business venture or passion, do you still keep it running but don’t update it, is it just there as your presence on the WWW?
  • Is it just too costly to update with your old designer?
  • is it worth the expense of yearly hosting and domain fees?
  • The other thing is your domain name – you might have purchased an expensive domain extension because the particular one you were looking for was not available, it might be now! Have you checked?
  • Is your website Secured from Hackers?


There are lots of ways to improve your web site situation, costs and maintenance especially at this time

of the year by re-evaluating your, and your websites needs.

Whether just a presence or a fully operational website, the one thing you can be sure is that things change rapidly in the web world, as does the viewing capacity in the real world.

Is your website responsive?

If I have lost you on that question, then it’s likely you don’t know what Responsive means. Simply, it’s a website designed to be viewed on many different devices and browsers with the same ability to see it as it was designed, or near as dammit. Some browsers are really a challenge!

What used to look good may well be out of line, out of view, not working properly. If you don’t have the capability to check it yourself on all the browsers and devices available, it may well be cumbersome for some to view and you don’t realise that this is the cause of lack of visitors.

The simple fact today, viewing experience is not like it used to be, people don’t have the patience to view loads of content, and if you have a website that is just filled with info that really isn’t any different to others in your area of expertise or passion, then it’s highly likely that your website will be overlooked.

This in turn will likely cause it to drop off the radar i.e. Search Engines such as Google, as so many now are competing with modern day websites, that have many additional user experience functions, Social Media, SEO capabilities, security and most helpful the ability to update yourself.

Truth is you can take control of your website needs, whether created by a designer or if you delve into the realms of self build – if you have the time that is!

If your intention this year is to finally have your own website, or clean up of your old website or even a shiny new feel, here’s where Quirky By Design can help you!


Demo examples of 1 page websites – Please visit here

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Not enough pages? Additional pages are available at additional cost.

You can even spread the cost over a year!

If you are interested in having a new website created, and would like some more information before you commit then please do arrange a Call Back (I’ll call you). You can arrange an initial free 30 mins consultation with me via email here, or text/call me on 07906 205022 – leaving a brief message with your name and contact details. I will endeavour to arrange a “Call Back” suitable for you within 24 hours.

*As of March 2017 the “New Year Special Price” has ended.