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Spirit Mind Body

Spirit Mind Body

Spirit Mind Body UK, is another of my own Websites. I first built it in 2006, it has had about 4 versions over the last 9+ years.

It was first built in HTML/CSS, then PHP, then I decided that Joomla had all I needed to offer me a fully operational Network with over 1000 members at the time, Events System and Article repository. It still has all that behind the scenes and has a complex structure.

Sadly, I have very little time to keep this site going, it needs major updating, as Joomla created 2 new versions since I first installed it. One of the reasons, I generally recommend WordPress as they don’t have versions that are so different that you have to have a total rebuild, especially on a huge site as Spirit Mind Body. Therefore, I feel it’s time make Spirit Mind Body more in line with my life now.  I have plans to turn it into an Online Book Store instead, transferring another of my sites which was Mind Body Spirit EU to here and giving it a new modern look.


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