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Photo Enhancement Service


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Photo Enhancement Service

Do you often come across photos on Social Media that make you think “WOW wish my photos looked like that!. Well they can! The only thing distinguishing a professional photograph from a casual snapshot is the time spent and the skill in processing and editing an image.

Taking a photo is like a snap shot of a story, a journey in life, an occasion we don’t ever want to forget when our memories fail us.

If you are not a professional photographer it’s likely that the photos you take will not reflect exactly what you saw. This can be disheartening, especially when a precious memory is involved. The great thing about digital is that you can enhance those images to really stand out! But that can be expensive and time consuming.

Using professional image editing software and over 2 decades of training, I can correct an image’s *colour and exposure, remove unsightly distractions, and even create a slightly different look to the original by changing an element within the image or just cropping it to really bring out the subject.

Whether images for your website, online store or social media, or simply trying to capture your most precious memories in the most artistic way, I can help you bring out the best in your image!

– Correct dull colours and bad colour balance
– Lessen digital noise
– Increase sharpness / blurriness
– Remove Red eye
– Remove distractions
– Make other fine adjustments to enhanced your photo
– Artistic alterations (such as sky replacement)
– Cropping (creates a focal point)

This service is available per image. You can purchase for multiple images by increasing the quantity. Once purchased and order received, your image/s can be sent to me in the highest file size you have, and in any of the following formats JPEG, JPG, PNG, RAW: NEF or RAF

If you have specific requirements that need to be done to your image, such as background removal for an online store, this will be additional in cost, please Contact me with more information and I will give you a quote.

*Purchase Conditions: Some images, cannot be enhanced. Whether this is due to over exposure or under exposure or an other reason. If this is the case then I will contact you and refund your payment.

Post processing: Every monitor is different in the way it displays colours of images, printing that image even more so, therefore there are no guarantees.

A small enhanced image will be sent to you initially with the Quirky By Design Logo on it, for you to view, if you don’t like it I will refund your payment. If you love it! I will send you a Logo free full version.

If you are specifically needing the image for a particular purpose such as printed media etc, then I can create a printing version but it will be at additional cost. You can contact me for more information.


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