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One of the things I loved about Cape Town and surrounding areas, is the vibrancy, and the numerous Artisans, all selling their hand made items. Love it! When I got home I was so inspired that I focused on my wire work.

"Slow Market" Stellenbosch

Slow Market Stellenbosch

Wire work can be quite delicate, and it’s tricky sometimes to find a suitable gift box in which to put them in. My mission over the last week was to find gift boxes that would be suitable for a dual purpose, a good size for fitting different items and postal friendly. That way customers don’t have to hunt for a suitable box size.

Alas, I discovered it to be a bit of a minefield in terms of choice. We all have personal tastes, and to foresee what a customer would choose to buy, the cost, and of course the postage. I decided light, multi coloured for choice with the ability to send it at a lower cost through the post, something our dear Royal Mail maximises on!

Gift Boxes in 8 different Colours

Gift Boxes in 8 different Colours

Finally, after many hours of research, I found boxes that met my criteria and ordered – or so I thought. Much to my disappointment, all the time spent proved to have been wasted, for when they arrived, the pleasantly coloured “Luxury” assorted coloured boxes were deeper than I planned, and from about 8 colours displayed, three colours were sent; only one of which was from those displayed. To add insult to injury, one was missing off the order. Grump!

Boxes Delivered

Boxes Delivered

They are lovely gift boxes though, and certainly worth the money, but heavy on postage if you only want a gift box. There’s a coupon to reduce the cost of postage if purchased with certain items.

My box days were not over by all accounts as I was not satisfied with so little choice in colours (the Universe must of heard me grumping). While researching something else I came across Hand Made Gift Boxes. Ah ha! What joy!

Needless to say, I haven’t done much else these last few days but play. Designing, tweaking and creating pretty coloured Hand Made gift boxes of my very own that are suitable for my pieces. They are postal friendly too!

Hopefully, I will get some up in the shop during the week, 2 sizes to start off with. I do intend to make other sizes custom to order in the near future. If there is a particular paper you like and want it made into a gift box, drop me a message.