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If you’re a creative person, you will understand what I mean when you see something handmade and you just fall in love with the technique. Felting and sculpturing an animal out of basically wool, is just amazing.

It just happen to be my best buds “Life Beginning” birthday.  I was at a loss as to what to get her, and it dawned on me that actually something handmade would probably be more meaningful. Knowing how much she liked foxes, I decided I would try needle felting one.  I was of course taking a major risk of creating a gift only a few days before the day – talk about creative tension!  

After watching tutorials over a course of a few weeks, I happen to find one of the hardest pieces in which I had to create. Well, I liked it and that’s a good enough reason to be inspired!

Determined, I set to task creating an armature needle felted Fox. Looking back now, I think the reason I have put it off for so long is I had little faith in my own ability –  I figured I would likely create a mutated creature, rather than something that looked even remotely like an animal.  

I have since discovered, I am actually not that bad at it and I really enjoy this craft, however, to make realistic critters, it’s time intensive and often bladdy painful!  

Needle Felted Fox called Woxy

Woxy explores the jungle aka the garden.

The first attempt did come out as expected, slightly mutated. Colours were way off, and more Wolf looking in character and stance. Nonetheless, it had a personality of it’s own, four legs and resembled a fox – slightly.  I named him Woxy!

With the help of my local craft store “Berkhamsted Arts and Crafts” we managed to find a colour more suitable, although I played with blending to get a better feel of a Foxes pelt. After realising tutorials don’t often show you how to develop expressions, highlights, proportions and details that make up said creature with a bit more working the wool into felt, I was well on my way to gaining a more realistic Fox.

Needle felted Mr Fox

Foxy goes to the woods

Happy to say that I managed to complete my mission before said celebratory day and I think the look on my friends face – said it all. 

Meet Foxy!

I love felting movable (Armature) animals, although this exercise has inspired me more to create magickal Beings such as Faeries and Gnomes and their respective homes in the future. I think I stand a chance of excelling on this front, as I will have a good sprinkling of artistic licence on what they look like, as a little mutated is quite normal!

Needle Felted Foxes

Woxy and Foxy out on the tiles

I leave you with my latest creation as I get to grips with the sculpting techniques
– A little Arctic Fox –

Needle Felted Arctic Fox

Needle Felted Arctic Fox

 If you would like to custom order a felted animal or felt creature, please do contact me.