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Running any business requires stationery, promotional literature and other products to help your business run smoothly. It can take hours or days even to find a reliable and reasonable supplier, and If you are a busy person, you may be glad for someone to arrange that for you, leaving you to carry on your business practices. Other services I can provide are for example, if you looking to have a particular software for your business needs, or program to display or perform certain actions on your website, but you don't know where to start. You may also need tuition for yourself or employees for a particular software or program. Web Page loading too slow due to your graphics? If you are encountering slow performance due to elements within your web page it's most like a photo or graphic image you are using. If you don't know how to reduce it to a size without making it grainy, or maybe you want to increase the quality for your brochure. Do you have a back up of your site in case your server looses all your info? Often a time a hosting company has a back up of your site, but whether it is a recent version is another thing! I can provide a back up service on a weekly basis. What ever your needs are you can always discuss it with me, and I will advise you of your best options. You may need headed paper, business cards, and complimentary slips with your logo on, or postcards to give out at exhibitions for promotions you are holding, or brochures and leaflets advertising your services. To give you an example, the business card shown, was a custom Business Cardlogo designed by myself to the specifications of the client. The client wanted a good quantity of cards for his business, as well as a letterhead to match. The Client wanted me also to arrange for printing, and delivery. The total cost was £122.28 (2008 prices) which included the following: Logo Design and Creation Logo Optimization for the Printers Business Card Layout Business Card Printing Set Up Fee 750 Business Cards Business Card Magnets x 25 free bonus* Letterhead template designed in Word Inspection by myself Postage and Packing Client Testimony: "I have returned to find that, once again, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty with my business cards - and what great value! Thank you for the wonderful job that you've done with my business cards......and I love the fridge magnets! You may require photographs for your business; say for example a shop front or merchandise you sell, to place on your web site. Of course you can use ones all ready taken, but the quality of scanned photos lose their quality if not scanned in at a high dpi rate. Increasing dpi increases file size which in turn increases loading time on your web page, not only this but your data transfer is increased, and if you have a few of these this could increase over and above your allowance immensely, which may result in charges. Using top digital equipment, and photo manipulation software I can combat this, producing good quality, small file sized and easy loading images. I can also place all originals on a CD for future use. Need a back up? Burnt on to CD, Web site data, graphic images, photographs, text can be produced so a hard copy is always available. This is always advisable in the case of clients managing their own web sites after designing stage.

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