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What comes to mind as I write, that Rome was not built in a day, and that most times we under estimate a time frame when create something. The reason I believe, is that between the start and our final target, a dynamic fluidity comes to life as it takes on its structure. In turn requiring additional attention, adaptive methods, removal of some ideas that just don’t work, and so delays are inevitable. Plain and simple!

Of course saying this creating a website can be a clear-cut process, if you know how you want your web design to look and feel like; have all the content fully prepared and to hand – then someone else completes the task. Even then, what we thought was clear-cut in our minds, upon seeing the end result can make us go, actually…

I feel it’s a little harder when you create your own website because the process is tied up with emotion and you can become frustrated by the littlest distractions.

I am glad to say, that even though my site is not complete and probably never will be in that sense, as I will continue to add and remove over the years; that the welcome distraction I speak of, was my dear little Aggie (Agatha), my new Siamese kitten.

Agatha Enjoying The Sun

Agatha Enjoying The Sun

I’ve always had animals around me from the day I was born. Prior to me moving to my new home, I had to find a temporary home for my cats Snowy and Sushi. Faithful companions who got caught up in life’s little challenges. Okay, it was a huge challenge at the time, as it was hard to find a home for us all to move to, as potential landlords refused to allow pets. I was divested, and hoped my new home would allow me this, which it did.  Unfortunately, the lovely couple that looked after the boys for a few months were quite attached to them and it was mutual; by the time I could finally take them it seemed cruel to, so they stayed with their foster parents.

Feeling bereft, I decided not to have any more, EVER! I would concentrate on where I wanted to be – setting up a pet sitting business to fill the gap. Year and a half down the line and the agonizing lack of feline companionship was all too much! I found myself replying to an advert asking for a new home for Aggie. Horrified that I had allowed my emotions to run away with me I rang my dear friend, Kelly of Van Hound fearing I had made a huge mistake. Her response, “Oh for goodness sake, you’re nearly a hundred!” Cheers for that, quite a few decades left before I reach that target! My sister when I informed her of a new member of the family, sighed over the phone, “Oh, I thought you were the sensible one…” Alas, not.

The universe was not going to make my spur of the moment decision any easier either though, as little Aggie came to me quite poorly, nothing I gave her would stay in her for long enough.

Aggie has been the major distraction, but a good one. In these four weeks that I have had her, she has made me laugh, cry and most of all remember that the end goal is not what life is for; it’s the journey along the way, poop and all!